The Central Banking Awards 2024 include 13 central bank categories and 12 partner and service provider categories. 


2024 Central bank categories

Central bank categories are open to all central banks and official institutions, regardless of size, location or ownership.

Central Bank of the Year

  • Authority and integrity
  • Fulfilment of mandate
  • Pioneering work and policy innovation

This award will recognise a central bank that has demonstrated significant resolve and authority in fulfilling its mandate. Particular attention will be paid to details of pioneering policy/organisational efforts and powerful communication supporting the central bank's position.


Governor of the Year

  • Leadership and credibility
  • Innovation and change management
  • Problem solving and performance

This award will recognise the governor of a central bank who has demonstrated exceptionally strong leadership during the period under review. Judges will be looking for examples of actions, communication and change management that have resulted in significant problems being surmounted.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Pioneering work
  • Reshaping the central banking landscape
  • Outstanding public service

Awarded to an exceptional leader, this award will recognise someone whose pioneering work in central banking and career in public service has left an indelible mark on the central banking community.

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Currency Manager

  • Security and integrity
  • Innovation and design flair
  • Effectiveness and efficiency

This award will acknowledge a central bank that has made improvements to its currency management processes, launched or upgraded a currency series, implemented fraud prevention activities and/or engaged in design innovation.

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Reserve Manager

  • Safety, liquidity, return
  • Innovation
  • Governance

The winner of this award will have shown excellence in reserve management at a central bank. This could include divisional changes, updated policy guidelines, an improved asset and liability framework or the deployment of innovative reserves strategies, such investment in a new asset class/use of new benchmarks.

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Economics in Central Banking

  • Originality
  • Clarity 
  • Relevance to policymaking

This award will be given to the author(s) of the speech, paper, report, presentation or other media that the judges believe makes a significant contribution to economics within the field of central banking. Contribution will be judged on originality, relevance and clarity.

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Transparency Award

  • Communication across platforms
  • Targeting full range of stakeholders
  • Education

This award will recognise a central bank that has shown significant improvement and/or significant leadership in clear communication across its internal and external platforms. The winning organisation will have demonstrated strong improvements in transparency for the benefit of its stakeholders.

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Digital Transformation Award – new

  • Strategic focus
  • Innovative approach
  • Effectiveness and integrity

Getting digital transformation right can have significant productivity benefits. This award will recognise an official institution(s) that has made a significant strategic effort to safely introduce new digital practices or infrastructure at central banks or in the wider system that they oversee.

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Risk Manager

  • Evidence of risk culture
  • Risk management framework 
  • Improved operations

This award will recognise a central bank that has demonstrated excellence in risk management, where qualitative and quantitative risk assessments are made across areas such as credit, market, operational, cyber and reputational risk management throughout the organisation. The judges will be looking for evidence of how central bank activities have changed due to improved risk management.

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Communications Initiative

  • Impact
  • Originality
  • Integration with overall strategy

This award will recognise an exceptional communications initiative launched by a central bank to address specific needs. Judges will be looking for originality of the initiative as part of an integrated communications strategy, and evidence of its impact.

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Green Award

  • ESG
  • Pioneering work
  • Risk/return focus

This award will be given to an official institution(s) – central bank, prudential supervisor, sovereign fund or other official institutions body – that has made an outstanding effort to address climate-related risks. This could be based on a measure taken internally, nationally and/or internationally (including collaborative efforts).

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Initiative of the Year

  • Ambition and innovation
  • Quality of stakeholder feedback
  • New or improved capabilities 

The award will be given for a specific central bank initiative or policy that connects with stakeholders through innovative delivery and execution. Particular attention will be given to novel, impactful launches and the feedback received from the community.

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Payments and Market Infrastructure Development

  • Integrity and resiliency
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Technological innovation

This award will recognise a central bank that has played a key role in the implementation of best practice in payments, clearing, settlement or similar initiative. Judges will be looking to ensure the infrastructure meets a public need in a rigorous and cost-effective manner, likely harnessing new technology and/or approaches.

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Service providers categories

Partner/service provider categories are open to any commercial organisation that provides services to a central bank.

Digital Currency Initiative – new

  • Innovative approach
  • Robust technology
  • Sound implementation

This award will recognise a partner provider that has offered exceptional services to a central bank(s) in the development of wholesale or retail central bank digital currencies, tokens or assets.

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Regulatory Technology Services – new

  • Innovation technology
  • Successful implementation
  • Improved supervision

This award will recognise a technology company that has helped official institutions in their supervisory responsibilities, including assisting regulated entities to meet supervisory requirement. Provision of a case study plus client references will be a distinct advantage.

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Asset Manager

  • Risk/return and liquidity suitability 
  • Diversification 
  • Benchmarking /benchmark outperformance

This award will be given to an asset manager that has added value in managing the investment assets of central banks and other sovereign investors. While geographical reach and breadth of assets coverage are important, particular attention will be made to asset managers that have met the real needs of their clients during the period under review.

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Global Markets

  • Innovation
  • Market access
  • Advice

This award will be given to a banking and global markets counterparty that has made an exceptional effort to address the challenges of central bank and other official institutions clients. Idea generation, product range, execution and access to new markets will be important considerations in the judging criteria.

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ESG Services

  • Environmental, social and governance focus
  • Impact
  • Customer service

This award will be given to a service provider that has assisted central bank clients in positioning themselves to address risks and/or opportunities related to sustainability. This product or service could cover investment, supervision, currency, technology or another aspect relevant to central banks, regulators or other official institutions.

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Asset Services Initiative

  • Customer service
  • Risk management
  • Innovation


Eligible initiatives could include custodial services, asset transitions, central securities depository developments, reserves financing, QE programme management or third-party securities lending. Quality of service, risk management and innovation are considerations will be assessed by the judges. A case study with an official institution client validation is highly desirable.

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Risk Management Services

  • Customisation to client needs
  • Change management
  • Improved performance

Awarded to a governance, risk and/or controls services provider that has made a significant contribution to aiding the management of risk, the winner of this award may have paid particular attention to areas such as design and implementation, systems integration, tools and controls, models, governance and customer service.

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Financial Market Infrastructure Services

  • Adaptability to market and/or regulatory change
  • Regulatory acceptance and market adoption
  • Efficiency and robustness of platform

The award will be given to a financial market infrastructure provider that has made a significant contribution to improving efficiency and reducing risk in the financial system. Judges will be looking for a provider that offers a robust platform and technological innovation. A proven case study is highly desirable.

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Advisory Services

  • Depth of knowledge
  • Innovation and change
  • Deliverability

This award will be given to an organisation that has offered advisory, consultancy and/or professional services to central banks that has resulted in substantial changes in behaviour at their clients. This could be in specific segments of activity tied to major transformations. Judges will be looking for at least one case example and validation from central banks.

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Payment Services

  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Resilience
  • Financial inclusion

This award is open to retail, corporate and wholesale payment service providers. It could cover, for example, payments services offered to central banks aimed at helping them with the creation of new national/international payment infrastructure or addressing issues related to cyber resiliency, AML and fraud detection.

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Technology Services

  • Tech forward
  • Smooth implementation
  • Platform robustness and security

The award will recognise a technology company that has helped central bank clients to address their ever-growing digitalisation and technological challenges. This covers all types of technologies, large or small. For example, it might be related to enterprise or specific business line systems or big data/cloud solutions, sup tech, etc. A case study with official client verification is expected.

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Partner Initiative of the Year

  • Ambition and innovation
  • Impact
  • New or improved capabilities

The judges will be looking for a partner or service provider that has worked on a specific initiative with a central bank(s) to develop new and/or improved capabilities. The initiative could cover any aspect of central banking activities, involve excellent collaboration and have produced noteworthy results. 

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